Wyss Center announces CE mark for its brain data visualization software, Epios Cloud


GENEVA–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The Wyss Center today announced the CE mark (Conformité Européenne) for a class I medical device for its Epios Cloud software. Epios Cloud is a web-based application for the online storage, processing and review of neural signals, including very long-term data recorded by an emerging generation of devices for remote brain monitoring. Its new features allow seamless navigation of datasets spanning months and years, while access through a web browser allows clinicians to access patient data anywhere, anytime.

With the ability to connect to the brain – or other biological signal recording devices – over the web, Epios Cloud provides insight into multiple long-term data sources allowing clinicians to develop bespoke analyzes to support personalized clinical decision making.

Clinicians are increasingly looking for options for ambulatory neural monitoring over weeks or months. In epilepsy, home monitoring of brain activity during daily life will help characterize the type and number of seizures, improve diagnosis and preoperative planning, and develop personalized treatment plans.

“We developed Epios Cloud because we needed software that would track not only seizures but also biosignals related to epileptic events. Epios Cloud allows us to synchronize neural data with heart rate or movement information over months or years. It gives us insight into what is really going on in the brain in everyday life. In the future, additional data feeds could easily be integrated into the platform to support other clinical applications. Importantly, centralized data storage will enable a fundamental shift in the automated analysis of neural data, allowing artificial intelligence algorithms to learn about an ever-growing global data lake – the development of which is already underway. Classes. ” noted Alexander Sobolewski, PhD, Neuroscientist at the Wyss Center.

While the current electroencephalogram The software (EEG) is primarily optimized for examining neural recordings that last from minutes to hours, Epios Cloud is ready for the transition to longer term recordings from weeks to months. Clinicians can also annotate data with real-life events and develop new analyzes to automatically present regions of interest to complement visual screening.

Georges kouvas, MBA, CTO of the Wyss Center said, “Epios Cloud is poised to unlock new knowledge about epilepsy in individual patients, paving the way for personalized therapies. Now that Epios Cloud is CE marked, we look forward to connecting it to more brain recording modalities and bringing this innovative long-term brain monitoring platform to more clinical or ambulatory settings across the board. ‘Europe and beyond. Epios Cloud also has potential for use in stroke rehabilitation as well as neuromodulation of brain circuits for mental health applications. ”

Epios Cloud is safety class A medical device software according to IEC 62304 and CE marked as class I according to the medical device directive 93/42 / EEC. Epios Cloud is intended to display and review electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings made by EEG devices using scalp and sub-scalp electrodes, heart rate measurements, and accelerometer . The device is intended for use by qualified physicians. The CE mark indicates that a product has been assessed and found to comply with European Union requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.


About the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering, Geneva, Switzerland

The Wyss Center is an independent, non-profit research and development organization that advances our understanding of the brain for therapies and better lives.

The staff of the Wyss Center, in collaboration with the academic, clinical and industrial collaborators of the Center, pursue innovations and new approaches in neurobiology, neuroimaging and neurotechnology.

Advances from the Wyss Center reveal unique insights into the mechanisms underlying brain dynamics and disease treatment to accelerate the development of devices and therapies for unmet medical needs.

The Wyss Center was established with a generous donation from Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss in 2014. Additional resources from funding agencies and other sources help the Wyss Center to accelerate its mission.


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