Will Bloodborne return in style? Sony’s latest studio can dramatically expand IP address


Rumors about the development of Bloodborne are back. Whistleblowers have reported that Sony has no plans to abandon the brand and, with the newly acquired team, is working on survival and recovery. The game will also arrive on PC.

Rumors of Bloodborne’s return routinely reach the public, but the full bliss of production supporters lacks a specific announcement from Sony – producer PlayStation has all intellectual property rights. Recently, famous whistleblowers commented on the situation, being sure the Japanese will never put the brand on the shelf again.

Colin Moriarty of Last Stand Media (ex-journalist IGN) already We were talking about the return of Bloodborne, while he was now talking about it Bluepoint Games could be working on a modified version of Bloodborne for PlayStation 5 and at the same time have the chance to make a full sequel.

XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who has shared several important PlayStation camp rumors over the past few months, agrees with this information. In his opinion Bluepoint Games is already updating Bloodborne and Bloodborne 2. In addition, insiders claim that Bloodborne for PC has already been prepared and is awaiting its release.

If Baker is right, the Japanese can wait for Bluepoint Games to develop Bloodborne for PS5 for the game’s PC release. In this case, production will jump to two devices at the same time – just like in the case of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. .

Source: https://gamingbolt.com/bloodborne-sequel-and-ps5-remaster-in-development-at-bluepoint-games-rumour

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