What happened to Stephen Port?

BBC drama Four lives captivates viewers with the portrayal of the murders of four young gay men, as serial killer Stephen Port has slipped frustratingly through the fingers of the police several times.

Known as the Grindr Killer (although he only encountered one of the victims reported on the app), Port used to attract men to his home through escort and dating services before drugging them, to assault and kill them.

Anthony Walgate, 23, Gabriel Kovari, 22, Daniel Whitworth, 21, and Jack Taylor, 25, all lost their lives at Port’s hands, others later claiming they were also attacked by him .


It took months for police to link the killings, although three of the bodies were found in the exact same position and cemetery, writing them down as drug overdoses and refusing to investigate further.

So what happened when they finally caught him?

What happened to Stephen Port?

Port was formally charged with the murder of the four men on October 18, 2015, after a police officer recognized him from CCTV footage of the last movements of the fourth victim, Jack Taylor.

He had previously been convicted of hijacking the course of justice in the death of the first victim, Anthony Walgate. Port had moved Walgate’s body outside his house before calling the police pretending to be a passerby.

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Simple investigations showed that Port was the appellant and had also hired Walgate as an escort two days before his body was found.

However, at the time, he was able to convince the police and a jury that Walgate had overdosed of his own accord during their night together, and after Port returned from work, he had found him dead in his bed. .

He claimed at the time that he moved the body to avoid involvement.

Had the police seized his laptop computer at the time of his initial arrest, and not 10 months later when the other murders had taken place, they would have discovered that his internet history included searches for pornography involving rape and drugs.

After his arrest, eight other men shared their own allegations about Port, saying they had never come forward before for fear of being portrayed as gay or ashamed of what had happened.

On November 23, 2016, Port was convicted of the rapes and murders of the four victims, as well as three more rapes, four sexual assaults and 10 counts of intentional administration of a substance.

He is currently serving a life sentence, which means he will never be eligible for parole. He started his tenure at HMP Belmarsh, but his current location is not confirmed.

Four lives is available in full now on BBC iPlayer.

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