Altran Italia and the iBGPlay Team (Department of Computer Science of Roma Tre University) signed an agreement to promote and support the technology transfer from University to Industry. A primary objective of this agreement is to meet requests for customization of iBGPlay and other network-related services from ISPs or ISP-like organizations.

The aim of this collaboration is to bring scientific innovation to the industry and, at the same time, ensure the high level of reliability that only a big consulting firm can provide.

The iBGPlay team, with its long-standing reseach experience, is specialized in monitoring, analysis and visualization of networks and routing systems. The following are some highlights.

Quality assessment of upstream providers and SLA verification. Suppose you want to understand which of your upstream providers best fit the needs of your customers and if the routes provided are stable enough. Also, in certain cases, you might want a SLA involving BGP updates (for example concerning the "quality" of the AS-paths). Conventional solutions are not of any help in these cases since you need to collect all updates sent over an eBGP session, not just updates selected as best routes.
We have developed new methodologies and tools to collect all updates running on a BGP session. Our approach is compatible with a large number of routing devices, do not require any firmware customization, and is not invasive. Updates are collected in standard format and can be analyzed using iBGPlay or other business intelligence tools. Our approach cover a large part of the advantages provided by the proposed "BGP Monitoring Protocol" without the need for supporting additional protocols on the routers.

PoP Traffic Matrix and support to network evolution. Planning the next evolution steps of your network can greatly benefit from a clear knowledge of what you are asking to your network now.
Our tools can compute and log your PoP traffic matrix in real time, with the granularity of few minutes. This provides you with a detailed history, showing you how your traffic matrix changed even when your customers or upstream providers behaved unexpectedly, even for short time.

Support to business decision. BGP collected data can be of great value for ISP's strategic decisions, when properly used. Our expertise can help you with an in-depth analysis of private and public BGP data. Just to give you an idea, we can help the ISPs to find the solution to questions like the following. Are ISPs customer trying other providers? What is the ISP's most convenient next peering contact to reduce its upstream traffic? Which of the ISP's providers best fit its needs? Can the ISP obtain better service in terms of BGP hops towards destinations that are important for its customers? The iBGPlay Team and Altran Italia can develop BGP data analysis and reporting tools that fit these needs.

Monitoring and visualization of routing. Having the current status of the network and its historic behavior at glance leads to great savings of time, when you need to work on your entire network and understand how flows traverse it. Our long-standing experience in network visualization can create the right visual tools for the the ISP's need. Our visualization technology, already appreciated in iBGPlay, can be applied to other aspects of the network like MPLS LSPs and VPNs, OSPF routes, etc.

BGP stability analysis. BGP does not guarantee convergence. Even if your network correctly works, unexpected events, like faults and subsequent restorations or anomalous behavior of the ASes you peer with, can give rise to routing oscillations. Our research experience and the tools we have developed allow us to automatically analyze your network configuration and prove that your network is oscillation-free, or help you pinpoint the root cause of the potential oscillation otherwise. We are also able to support what-if analyses under faulty conditions or configuration changes.

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