27/10/2009 Altran Italia cooperates with the iBGPlay Team to offer high-quality consulting and iBGPlay customization. See our services highlights.
20/03/2009 iBGPlay on the Juniper-italia web radio Podcast available here here (in Italian).
10/07/2008 iBGPlay USERS and USAGE data now available here
09/26/2008 iBGPlay exceeds 18000 queries!
09/17/2008 iBGPlay ver.2.0 is now daily used by more than 30 organizations!
05/26/2008 iBGPlay FULL ver.2.0 released! Version 2.0 supports interactive and visual comparsion of BGP routing among many border gateways. See the details of the new features.
05/24/2008 On June 12, 2008 iBGPlay is presented at the "Juniper - Your Net Day" organized by Juniper Netoworks - Italy.
04/10/2008 On June 3, 2008 iBGPlay is presented at NANOG43
04/03/2008 On April 22, 2008 iBGPlay is presented at 12th Euro-IX Forum