iBGPlay is an evolution of BGPlay, the well known web-based tool for visualizing publicly avaliable inter-domain routing data (see and iBGPlay exploits and improves the already appreciated visualization technology of BGPlay delivering it to the ISPs for inspection of their own routing data.


iBGPlay is based on a the three-tier architecture and a reliable data collection system.

BGP updates and routing tables are collected from BGP speaking routers of the ISP by the iBGPlay Route Collector. The Route Collector is a BGP listener which receives the updates, by means of regular BGP peerings, and dumps them on plain binary files (MRT format). Collection and dump are based on the Quagga Software Routing Suite .

BGP data are regularly loaded into the database by the iBGPlay Retriever with a one-minute delay. A shell script is responsible for processing the dumped files and archiving them in a compressed format after the insertion.

The iBGPlay Server component consists of a java application which extracts, from the database, the data the users asked for, pre-processes them and passes them to the iBGPlay Client in a form that can be easily visualized.

iBGPlay Client presents BGP data by means of an interactive and highly intuitive graphic interface. The layout of the network is performed by state of the art graph layout algorithms developed at Roma Tre University. The specific graph drawing standard has been devised as a research subject in this area (see Section Research).

This architecture can be deployed according to two different choices. It is possible to get and install only the iBGPlay Client component - while we host the server side - or it is possible to get and install a full iBGPlay, having an in-house storage.

Further details about installation are provided at Section Get It.