Hamilton County MPs arrest miner after making bomb threats against Hamilton County high school


JASPER, Fla. (WCTV) – The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said it arrested a minor for threatening Hamilton County High School.

Hamilton County Sheriff Harrell Reid told WCTV two anonymous threats were made, on a Tuesday and Wednesday, through the Fortify Florida school safety app. Officials believe the same person sent both messages.

Sheriff Reid said on Tuesday the miner wrote that he feared for his life and believed a student was going to detonate something.

Officials say that after receiving this message, the school was locked, but the threat was later deemed not to be credible.

Sheriff Reid said on Wednesday that a specific bomb threat had been placed in a Hamilton County high school classroom.

Sheriff says students were evacuated from both high school and elementary school, which are on the same campus, and Moody’s explosive dogs were called in to clean up the school, but nothing has happened. been found.

HCSO says an IP address was found and led officials to a student who confessed when confronted.

Sheriff Reid says the minor, who has not been identified and whose age has not been disclosed, will be arrested and taken into juvenile custody.

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