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SINGAPORE – The Cyber ​​Security Agency (CSA) has launched a series of business toolkits, which provide guidance on cybersecurity issues suitable for business executives, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) , as well as to employees.

The toolkits are now available on the CSA website, and a toolkit for IT staff at these companies will be rolled out next year.

The initiative is part of the SG Cyber ​​Safe program launched Thursday, October 7 by the Minister of State for Communications and Information, Tan Kiat How, during the Singapore International Cyber ​​Week 2021 event.

Many companies that have sought to seize the opportunities presented by digitization could have prioritized functionality and speed over security, making them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, Tan said.

In June, consumer electronics retailer Audio House reported that it may have suffered a cyberattack that could have resulted in a breach of its customers’ personal data.

In August, the private eye clinic Eye & Retina Surgeons was hit by a ransomware attack, and the personal data of some 73,500 patients could have been compromised.

Mr. Tan said, “The increase in cyber attacks underscores the importance of having adequate cybersecurity to protect our businesses when they go online. However, we understand that this can be very difficult for many of our SMEs.

“We are also aware that the pandemic has created a difficult business environment in which companies, especially our SMEs, are strapped for resources, having to manage an ever-changing set of risks and uncertainties.”

The toolkits will help in simplifying cybersecurity for businesses and can serve as a starting point for management teams to develop cybersecurity strategies, develop an implementation plan and develop a strong cybersecurity culture in the company, he added.

The SG Cyber ​​Safe program will also harness the expertise of industry players such as payment solutions provider Mastercard, as well as tech giants Google, Microsoft and Huawei, to raise awareness and build capacity in cybersecurity. .

CSA and its industry partners will work together to develop training materials, products and services, or community outreach programs to encourage good cybersecurity practices by businesses and the public.

To date, 19 partners have joined the program, including businesses, professional associations and civil society groups.

A spokesperson for Mastercard said the company will provide free educational resources to complement the program. Examples include videos, podcasts, infographics, and articles, which are also available on the Mastercard Trust Center website.

The company will also work with CSA to develop awareness initiatives to help companies improve their cybersecurity awareness and adopt best practices.

Mastercard Singapore Country Director Deborah Heng said, “In today’s digital economy, the points of vulnerability under attack are constantly expanding.

“Businesses of all sizes need to reinvent digital security and strengthen cybersecurity measures to achieve sustained growth. “

Huawei said it would work with CSA to host webinars for local businesses on topics such as backing up and protecting corporate data.

Foo Fang Yong, Managing Director of Huawei International, said, “As more businesses go digital with increased exposure to cyberthreats, organizations need to be well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to mitigate cyberthreats. such as ransomware and supply chain attacks.

“Creating a secure cyberspace and a strong digital economy requires collaboration between all actors and stakeholders in the community. “

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