3 reasons why people should start hiding their IP address


IP addresses consist of a string of numbers that serve as a public identifier for online users. The numbers identify the domain, subnet, network, and host computer that are considered confidential. Unfortunately, it can be accessed even without the user’s consent.

Almost all websites log their visitors’ data, including IP addresses. In this way, they could spy on users’ web activities.

One might ask, is it really impossible to achieve total privacy on the Internet?

The good news is that there is a special tool that will help online users stay anonymous while browsing the web.

A virtual private network, more commonly known as VPN, is a software service that prevents anyone on the Internet from viewing, tracking, and even recording their data and activities. With this, users are assured that their IP address is hidden.

Now that you know how a visible IP address affects online privacy, here are some specific reasons for how concealment can help you and others:

  1. Avoid being bombarded with online advertisements

Websites can easily detect its IP address using cookies. After discovering the IP address, they would abandon personalized posts and ads in order to gain traction and even create a new target market for their brands.

This can annoy many users as they will see advertisements on every website and app they browse. But by using a VPN, users will no longer be bothered by this marketing strategy. Ads and other campaigns will be the least of your worries and you will have a safe and secure browsing experience anytime, anywhere.

  1. Hide your location

As everything now seems easy to access, it’s scary that even the most personal information is now vulnerable. Addresses, for example. Granted, most online users don’t want to divulge their current location to anyone, especially third parties roaming cyberspace.

A VPN can help users conceal and spoof their locations so that third parties cannot detect their current whereabouts.

  1. Safety ensured when using public hotspots

Since the internet has become a necessity, public places like schools, cafes and roads now offer free Wi-Fi. Although very useful, public hotspots are considered the cyber thief lounge because this type of connection is not secure at all.

So, while it’s inevitable for someone to use these public hotspots, it’s best to have an extra layer of security that a VPN can offer.

VPNs are very essential for ensuring online privacy. However, users should also be careful when choosing a VPN, as a number of these tools are not that effective.

A free VPN app like GoingVPN would be useful for online users because it offers premium and high quality service without breaking the bank. This VPN app offers maximum speed technology, unlimited data bandwidth and strong encryption.

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