27/10/2009 Altran Italia cooperates with the iBGPlay Team to offer high-quality consulting and iBGPlay customization. See our services highlights.
20/03/2009 iBGPlay on the Juniper-italia web radio Podcast available here here (in Italian).
10/07/2008 iBGPlay USERS and USAGE data now available here
09/26/2008 iBGPlay exceeds 18000 queries!
09/17/2008 iBGPlay ver.2.0 is now daily used by more than 30 organizations!
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iBGPlay is a free tool that graphically displays and animates BGP routing data. Thanks to its unique network visualization technology, it enables to timely identify and diagnose routing problems and anomalies.

iBGPlay addresses the need of ISPs and content providers to audit what their BGP routers know about the Internet, and allows to easily monitor how paths to relevant destinations change over time. The system highlights Internet eXchange Points and private direct peerings for easy spotting of unconvenient routing configurations.

Data provided
by NaMeX

Key Benefits
  • More network availability and customer satisfaction by shortening outages time
  • Improved productivity of both network resources and network engineering staff
  • Routing problems discovery and prediction by historical analysis of BGP paths evolution
  • Isolation of the root cause of BGP instabilities and anomalies by graphical inspection and animation of routing events
iBGPlay is developed and supported by the 'Computer Networks Research Group' at 'Roma Tre' University. It is available in two flavours:
  • as a software - FULL Package
  • as a service - LITE Package
Both solutions are free and provide exactly the same functionalities. For further informations and details about them, please refer to the Get It section.